Novelette: a literary podcast

Novelette is a podcast focusing on women in literature – both as characters and as writers. The idea started when I was taking introductory literature classes and noticed the stories were primarily from men; a couple years later I found out that George Eliot is a woman, and as I started working on my B.A. in English I dedicated a lot of my studies to female writers and the presentation of women in fiction both classical and today. I decided to put my personal research and passion into a podcast, and thus Novelette was born.

Novelette will cover a range of topics, from the coining of the term “fairy tale”, to the Bronte sisters, and how female Star Trek fans were the mothers of our modern-day fanfiction culture. If you are interested in obscure literary facts, Novelette will surely have something to pique your interest.

Novelette is coming soon. Check back here or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date when episodes begin airing.