A Trip to the Renaissance Faire

(Image description: Brittani wearing a renaissance top, a curly brown wig, and elf ears. Her makeup is done with thick eyeliner and gold highlights on her cheeks.)
(Image Description: a crocheted leaf pouch with a brown top.)

This past weekend, I attended the Enchanted Halloween themed weekend of St. Louis Renaissance Festival. This is something which I regularly attended pre-COVID, so it was great to get to go back this year now that COVID is dying down in the area. It’s a roughly two hour drive to the fairgrounds from where I live, but totally worth the drive to visit. They also offer really cool opportunities for free tickets – we donated our old coats and were given free entry.

(Image description: Togo in his golden Dragon costume, watching as a band dressed as pirates perform onstage.)

I spent my costume money on Halloween (more on my Halloween costume next week!), so I used an old dress I had from Renaissance past, but bought some elf ears to mix it up. I also crocheted my own leaf pouch (from my own pattern. I want to write it out properly and put it on Ravelry eventually, but alas it resides in my notes app for the time being). This was also Golden Retriever, Togo’s, first time going, so it was a lot of fun to meet other dog owners and have Togo make friends while we were there!

Togo went as a cute little Dragon. Here is a picture of him chilling while we watched the band Pirates Inc. play their show in the Pirates area.

I absolutely love going to events like this. It really gets my creativity flowing, and feels like stepping into a magical world for a day. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend going next year.

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