‘Roanoke’ Visual Novel Update: July 2022

Last month, I shared the first update on my visual novel/interactive story game ‘Roanoke.” I said I would share updates, so I wanted to give an update on my progress so far with the game. As a refresher, I am learning all of these programs with no prior experience save for very basic message board HTML functions, so even the smallest achievements are pretty huge to me.

The main things I have accomplished since my initial post:

  • Finalized character designs and incorporated them into a character selection menu for Character Mode and chapter pages for Full Story Mode
  • Added a save/load feature so that you can stop after each ‘chapter’
  • Added variables so that choices will be displayed at the end of chapters in Full Story Mode or the end of the game for character mode to better analyze how choices are effecting your story path

Unfortunately, my laptop is on its last leg and I can’t get a new one until mid-September, so it may end up being a later than anticipated release (which is also fair considering this is my first interactive novel) – probably winter instead of Halloween. I’m currently working in Word to script the rest of the story and putting the subsequent coding into Twine. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be able to complete the art aspects of the game until I get the new laptop, as I am having some issues processing things with Blender on the current computer.

Next update, due to the current setback, will probably be in September or October once I have the new PC set up and can deliver some progress. By that point I’d like to have enough of a story programmed to produce a demonstration video. If this is something you are interested in, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, or following the blog.

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