My Body, Like Tentacles Available Now!

My debut chapbook, My Body, Like Tentacles, is available now on Amazon! It is available as both a Kindle eBook ($2.99, also available in Kindle Unlimited) or as a physical paperback ($10).

My Body, Like Tentacles is a collection of both previously published and never before seen writing from my time in undergrad. It features 5 short stories and 4 poems, including the UIS Rosie Richmond Award-winning “The Straw Dog” and previously published pieces “Crescendo” and “Caves.”

The stories in this collection cover topics of mental health, chronic illness, and the human condition. I know taking a chance on a new author is a risk – so I want to tell you a little bit about the stories you’ll get to read in this collection.

  • The Straw Dog (short story, 4004 Words): Eliot is a recent college graduate with a good office job. Struggling with his mental health and finding his place in the world, he follows a strict routine every Saturday. When that routine is interrupted, he has to reevaluate what he is doing and why. *
  • Somewhere In the Desert (flash fiction, 285 words): Inspired by the song “Pierre” by Ryn Weaver, a young woman musing on her short-term relationships and fear of commitment.
  • Caves (short story, 1209 words): Following a cancer diagnosis, a young woman weighs the pros and cons of receiving treatment and what her life will be like moving forward. ^
  • Crescendo (short story, 2717 words): Alone on Thanksgiving, a young woman explores her past trauma through her relationship to music. * ^
  • Fireflies (flash fiction, 496): A young boy and his sister catch fireflies in their family field. **

In addition to these short stories, the collection also includes the poems “The Neighborhood,” “I Can See Ghosts,” “The Lost Generation,” and “My Body, Like Tentacles.” I am very excited to share this retrospective chapbook covering the last six years of my education with you, and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.

* Rosie Richmond Award Recipient
** Featured as an Editor’s Piece in CentraLit Magazine Vol 1
^ Previously published, see Publications for more info.

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