Morrigan the Great: an Interactive Story Project

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I wanted to share with you an interesting project I created for one of my classes last semester. I took a class called “Digital Technologies in English” and we got to engage with a lot of really fun pieces, and work on some really interesting projects as we learned to examine English in new ways. For one of our projects, we were tasked with creating a digital narrative. In preparation, we played the interactive story With Those We Love Alive by Porpentine.

I wanted something a little creepy for my digital narrative, but in the short time span I had to create it. Drawing on inspiration from local urban legends (my hometown supposedly had like 3 different cults? we love small town USA), I decided to create a story told in blog-format. I invite you to play through Morrigan the Great by clicking here, and follow the story of a young girl who starts a blog shortly after moving to a new home in a small town.

It’s not the best thing ever, but I did become a class example, so I have that going for me. I am pretty proud of what I created with limited time, though, and I am totally interested in making more interactive stories in the future.

Have you ever created and interactive story before? Or read one? Share in the comments! 🙂

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